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Official opening for The Rights of Spring Festival. At the conclusion of the invocation ceremonies. Attendees will proceed to the Campus Pond for Earth! This striking piece of public, activist art will raise awareness about ways to address climate change. Earth! is a transdisciplinary project between Theater technology and Earth Conservation students, who have creatively applied technology, science, and art to technically design and fabricate a 24’ diameter planet earth structure that is also a model of sustainability, as the construction materials are meant to be reused in future projects. Attendees of Invocation + Earth! will also see Atlas (Monuments of the Future).

April 22, 7:15pm EST

Devising A Future Together Graphic Desig

View a selection of musical clips from the performances.

April 23, 24, & 25 at 3pm EST


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of the

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Seven beings rise up from the earth, Seven symbols move across a campus. Seven spokes on a wheel take us through the never-ending cycle of change. Monuments of the Future is an interactive installation and performance collaboration between theater artists across disciplines. Each night featured a different performance and Monument, with a culminating performance of all the Monuments to close the Festival. 

Gallery of the event to come, please check back.


Student Showcases

The Freedom Artist Project 

A cast of performers working with Professors Gilbert McCauley and Paul Dennis performed excerpts from The Freedom Artist, by Ben Okri.

Directing II presentations

Four one acts directed by students of Professor Gina Kaufmann

The Moors - Jen Silverman

Superlosers - Megan Schumacher

Winter Light - Ingmar Bergman

The Gap - Emma Goidel

Performed live on the UMass campus

on April 30 at 2 pm EST.